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Environment & Pollution

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Environment & Pollution

Unfortunately, many businesses have a gap in this coverage due to pollution exclusions in general liability, auto, and property policies. You can close those gaps and protect your business against loss with an environmental and pollution liability policy. Some events that an environmental or pollution policy might respond to would include:

  • A storage tank for a backup generator leaks and fuel oil contaminates a drainage ditch behind the owner’s property and an adjacent site
  • A tanker truck used to transport waste oil overturns on the highway creating a waste oil spill
  • A cleaning company inadvertently mixed cleaners creating a toxic cloud of ammonia chloride causing respiratory distress in dozens of shoppers
  • An industrial processing facility is sued by an environmental group claiming an illegal discharge into streams

Limiting potential environmental liability might be a good choice for your business. We can review your environmental liability exposure and recommend a policy that best protects you.